The Neverending Greatness of Being Me.

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First Hour of the Day (2012). Little comic I made as a school assignement last year (my tumblr)

Moonage Daydream - David BowieArt by Bert (tumblr)
Twin Peaks by Bert (tumblr)

My new tattoo haha. My boyfriend drew it on me, and I really loved it. Some day I’m going to get this for real, on that same spot.

I’m that boyfriend! :3
oh Zorak

18th June is international sushi day! FUCK YEAH. Will you be eating sushi?
While browsing through my blog.

1914 (by Bert Hofmans aka Mr. Xenomorph)
A short film I made a few years back, staring myself.
Still meaning to remake this, with more help and more accurate materials.
Felt like my blog needed this.